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Regarding Security Center 9. Ihave 3 user virus scan plus. On laptop win xp media center edition-works great. On desktop- Vista Home premium-great. BUT on desktop-XP Home with SP3- PC crawls with CPU Usage at 60%-100% with no apps running. This is recent (within 2 weeks). tried system restore to different dates. In windows task manager I have ended many processes but the only one that fixes the problem is Mcshield.exe. When I close that program CPU usage drops to 0-4% and everything works great. Do not know what Mcshield is and do not want to run without it. Hope you all can HELP ME. Thanks
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RE: Mcshield


McShield.exe is nothing but the service of McAfee Real Time Scanning. If your computer is running really slow due to this you can check and try the following:

• How old is your computer?
• Do you have any other security programs installed in your computer (E.g.: Symantec, AVG, Trend Micro, Spy Blaster etc…) If yes you need to uninstall them
• Is your computer up to date with Windows Update files
• Click on Start> Click on Run> Type MSConfig> Select the Startup Tab> Click on Disable All on the right bottom> Select Services Tab> Make a check mark on Hide all Microsoft Services> Disable all the unknown/ unwanted services apart from McAfee and reboot the computer
• Check the performance of your computer
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Mcshield.exe takes too much CPU on my machine too

I just downloaded Saturday(AOL version), completed a full scan, and now (Monday) the only way I've found to stop McShield.exe from hogging CPU is to use the task manager to stop it and then rename the McShield.exe file.

I suppose I could rename it back when I don't have any work to do. Is there a more graceful way to pause/resume McShield.exe?

Thanks, Bill
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