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Mcafee wont allow GPU-z

Hi , first post on these boards Smiley Happy

Hope someone can advise on my problem.

I have tried to download GPU-z to view my graphic card's spec , but for some reason Mcafee reports the program as a trojan ???

Is there a way the I can configure Mcafee to allow gpu-z ?

Thank you.
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RE: Mcafee wont allow GPU-z

I just tried it and got the same thing...generic (heuristic) Artemis detection.

This can happen with any anti-virus and can be sorted out. Assuming the makers of the tool are already aware of this and have approached McAfee, but that can't be guaranteed so it's best that you and others experiencing that report it to McAfee's Avert Laboratories.

Procedure to temporarily disable VirusScan and download/install/report a file here:

If you have Security Center 9 you can turn off heuristic detection, but that leaves you open to other infections.

Either way you are going to have to report it to Avert to get it included in an update so that it wont be detected in future.
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