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Mcafee not turned on windows security centre issue


I've had a good search through the site and noticed this problem has reared its head before but with no clear answer. At the moment mcafee loads and looks to be running but the windows scurity centre seems to have trouble recognising it's running. If I close the windows security centre and reopen it then refreshes to show that mcafee is then running. I have vista 32 service pack 2 and I've only noticed windows bleating about it in the last week or so.  Also windows is not recoginising I have any spyware protection either even when mcafee is identified as having anti virus working so I have one section amber at the moment. I do have ad-aware also running but up till the last few weeks it was happy to run with them both. I would have hoped windows would have classed either mcafee or ad- aware as anti spyware as they did before. Any ideas?

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