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Mcafee not downloading updates on a windows 7 machine

I have a machine running windows 7 that attempts to download updates but just stays on the circle spinning. It's now reached 7 days without an update suceeding and teh software is shouting that it has been updated. this has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Mcafee has been uninstalled and reinstalled completely a few times. Any help or advice? My windows 10 machine on teh same licence is updaing fine. Thansk for your help

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Re: Mcafee not downloading updates on a windows 7 machine


did you use also the MCPR tool after removing Mcafee from Windows7 before doing a new install ?

when Mcafee is removed from Windows7 and doing a reboot you can use the MCPR tool

the MCPR tool can be downloaded from here;;jsessionid=2lOfRCxjT57-9lzsaRnwOj3kc...

after using MCPR tool and a reboot, doing a fresh install of the Mcafee product should than work correctly.

hope this info will help to solve the problem.


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Re: Mcafee not downloading updates on a windows 7 machine

I'd recommend opening a ticket with Support since you mention that a re-install was already done.
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