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Mcafee installation problem

Hi.So I've had McAfee for some years now and have never had any problems,but all of a sudden,whenever I go to open up the security center,it won't open at all.So I go to reinstall mcafee and it successfully downloads.I'm at the point where I have to put in the serial number that you get when you download the software on the website,but whenever I go to put in the serial number,I always get an error message that says 

"Hmm,we were interrupted.Make sure you're online and try again."

Obviously I have internet and it's working just fine,so I don't know what could be the problem.

I'm new here,so sorry if this isn't the right section for this haha

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Re: Mcafee installation problem


Please run the Pre-install tool to make sure the PC is ready for the installation

Follow steps from article TS100342 to install the product afresh

Re: Mcafee installation problem



I have the same problem, refuses to install. I've tried the preinstall-tools plus all the other ones you can find on this forum. Plus I can find no logs, not in the temp folder where they should be.

Also, this last time around the pre-install has failed with this error: core component installation failed.

Any help would be great.

FYI : I'm trying to install the internet security version, I've moved down fro livesafe which came with my computer. (win 10 core i7, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd)