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Mcafee corrupts emails in Thunderbird

I experienced a problem where my emails got merged into spam emails when retrieved from the mailserver. So what I from the email-header saw a a spam email, could be a spam email with a ham email underneath. I searched for a long to solve this problem via Mozilla forums, but eventually gave up. Then I tried to remove Mcafee internet protection (3-user total protection), and installed free AVG instead. Since then my emails have been working again.

Anyone ever heard about this issue and knows how to remedy it? Still have 10 months left of the Mcafee license, so would be nice to use what I have paid for.
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spam filter

just disable the spam filter for mcafee all isp already have their own spam filters and i dont see why mcafee has gone and done this to everyone.I have the spam filter disabled and have the email filter on that is the one that checks attachments.