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Mcafee can not update

I have used Virtual technician and it says that it has fixed the problem, but it can not update at all today.  The past couple of days, it would update and turn green, but after a while, it would turn red again and the flag is there that says my computer is at risk.  I know that this has happened to other people but I have been unable to fix it.


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Re: Mcafee can not update

Hi Origtin,


           The Reason that McAfee turns off again could be an infection. Please check what is the last update on the product. You could check that by


           Click on   'Navigation'  then select  'About' , Were you can find the Last update Date of  Virus Scan Plus.        

            Also would like you to check the host file on computer, which you can find in location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host

            You have to right click on the host file , click 'open with' option and select  notepad to open it.  It should be like


If Host has any changes then there might be chances of Infection.

You may try uninstalling and reinstalling Mcafee. The link bellow will be useful in doing so.

If you have hard time fixing this issue you may get help from our technical support team, you may click on 'Usefull Links' on top of the page and select 'Technical Support'. There you may find free chat and e-mail option.

Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Nandan Singh

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Re: Mcafee can not update

This document from McAfee may assist you in dealing with your issue. May I suggest you try to follow some of the recommendations here to troubleshoot the cause.

If problems persist, Technical Support Chat may be able to remote connect into your computer to see if they can find anything that may causing the problem. You will need to give them permission to do so and they have many more tools available than we do here on the forum. Chat can be reached via Useful Links at the top of this page under Technical Support.

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