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Mcafee block msconfig ???

the problem msconfig with mcafee administrator , receiving
"An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. you may need to log on using an administrator account to make the specified changes."

for a while now. I decided to perform a clean install on my Toshiba Notebook, running Windows XP Home Edition. Then I decided to check MSCONFIG and uncheck & check a program running. This worked fine.

Then I installed McAfee Security Center which installed VirusScan, I rebooted, then checked MSCONFIG, and click OK, the Access Denied popped up again.
It must be the VirusScan that is causing this. Not sure. Has anybody experienced this before!!!!! This is also happening on all of my other computers was running xp sp2.

i read the help inside security menu, how to change into mcafee administrator, BUT
there is no switch mode to change it into mcafee administrator when i click right mouse inside M logo under right bottom ??? :confused:
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RE: Mcafee block msconfig ???


If you're using the 2009 version already, you will not see that option anymore since the Parental Controls(a.k.a Privacy Service) for 2009 only has Windows Users and no McAfee users. Make sure that you are logged in on the PC as an administrator or has adminisrative access.
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