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Mcafee Suite (The one that you get from

I got this mcafee suite from
It has been wrking fine for 8 months until just a few days ago.
It works perfectly fine for my computer but not for my laptop.
The Security center will not give me a clear screen, the screen is blank everytime I open it and no matter how long I wait it is still blank.
I cannot I cannot see anything that has to do with my Mcafee im screwd.
I do the uninstaliation from Add/Remove programs but thats crap because even though I press it and it comes up the the screen is still blank.hank you for those of you that do help.
And sorry if I didnt post it in the right section.
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RE: Mcafee Suite (The one that you get from

Comcast are now offering the 2009 products so you may wish to uninstall, cleanup using the MCPR tool listed in my signature and then reinstall from the website.

This blank screen issue was a major problem with beta versions of IE8. If you have that then uninstall it and install the final release from Microsoft.

Whether or not you use IE, McAfee relies upon it.

Another thing that sometimes helps, assuming you have either IE7 or 8 installed (you should have 8 even if you don't use it) - go to IE Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click the Reset button. OK any prompts and click Apply and OK.
Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-Ons and re-enable the add-ons.
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RE: Mcafee Suite (The one that you get from

Please confirm the following,
What is the computer’s operating system?
What is the Internet Explorer version (7,8) ?
Have you made any recent changes to the computer?
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