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Mcafee Protection Will Not Enable

I have having a problem with my laptop. I have recently installed Mcafee Security Suite from my Cox internet service but cannot get it to work. It says I am not protected and when I attempt to fix it, it throws the following error. "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error."

I have recently had some malware/spyware issues but think I have them cleared up. I do have Symantec Corporate 10 (which sucks). I have all the startup items and services disabled for Symantec so it is not running at all (or should not be).

I recently got the Refpron.B and Win32.Delf.rtk malware on my machine (all this was before Mcafee was installed). I was able to remove that using Windows OneCare and MalWareBytes.

I have searched other forums regarding this issue and tried those things and nothing seems to fix it. I have already uninstalled Mcafee through windows, rebooted, used the Mcafee removal tool (MCPR.exe), rebooted and reinstalled, and still having the problem.

I have ran the following scans (in safemode), Windows OneCare Online, SuperAntiSpyware, MalWareBytes, TrendMicro Online, Kaspersky Online, and Spybot. Currently they do not find anything.

I have HijackThis installed also. What logs do you guys need, or what do I need to do to get this fixed. Any help is appreciated. Should I completely remove Symantec 10, I have no problem with that.

System Information:
IBM ThinkPad T42p
Windows XP SP2
1.00 GB RAM

Security Apps Installed:
Symantec Corporate 10
Mcafee Security Suite 9.3
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RE: Mcafee Protection Will Not Enable

I can see that you have an IBM thinkpad ... that is a secure computing platform.. are you sure that you were able to remove the symantec products properly.. If I am correct its designed in such a manner that you cannot use it without those application.

I would suggest that you get in touch with IBM and check with them if you can install McAfee Consumer products on this computer and if yes get them to remove the symantec as well as the think vantage software off the computer prior to installation of McAfee
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RE: Mcafee Protection Will Not Enable

I could agree that Symantec still being installed could cause a problem. If you think I should remove that then I will. The machine being an IBM should make no difference on weather or not Mcafee an run, unless they have some type or hardware installed that causes(which I highly doubt). I also did a search for thinkpads and mcafee and am not seeing any issues running it.

So, should i completely remove symantec? Are there known issues with mcafee services running on a machine with symantec 10 installed. If so, can someone point me to that information....Thanks!
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RE: Mcafee Protection Will Not Enable

The machine being an IBM matters.... If I am correct its a secure compouting platform and has Symantec End point protection on it.( that is an enterprise suite and does not come off easily and sets up lots of restrictions and access limitations)
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