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McSvHost.exe Error Message causes error on restart

My windows is XP. SP3.

My McAfee is the McAfee Security Center 10.5

During the restart when per example I got a issue with my wireless or I had a need to restart the PC,  a message under a retangle box on the middled of the window PC refering to "McSvHost.exe "  shows up on the window.

How to correct and fix this annoying message.


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Re: McSvHost.exe Error Message causes error on restart

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but please be informed that this issue has been addressed and also a patch has been rolled out based on locations, eventally you will be getting it installed to  your computer and the error should stop popping up .

Thank you for your patience .

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: McSvHost.exe Error Message causes error on restart

When will this patch be avaliable?

I get an error dialog box popping up shortly after I start windows, or after I start a browser, I can't determine wich causes it.  The error will pop up 2-3 times then sometimes I get another warning saying my firewall isn't working.  Error from McSvHost.exe.mdmp

Maybe I should ask for a refund and get Norton!!

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