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McShield is paused

I am having a problem i downloading the virus scan. The MVT has not helped. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but of not help.

The McShield is paused and I cannot change any properties or start. All buttons are disabled. I have used malware scans and have not found anything.

The program is by ATT as part of the DSP package and allows 7 licenses.

Since the pprogram is not able to download the signature, the AT&T internet security suite (powered by Mcafee) indicates that the computer is not protected. If I try to "fix it", I get a message that one or more problems cannot be fixed because of an errort.

If I try to scan (quick scan), I get an error "scanning has encountered a problem from which it cannot recover. Here are problem details. result = 2147467259"

I am using Win Vista and I have IE8 but I have also tried downgrading to IE7 with no results.

Can anyone help solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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RE: McShield is paused


Please clarify,

How old is the computer? Did you made any changes to the computer?
Do you have any pop ups or alert in the computer?


Update the Windows including the Optional /patch update.

If the computer is older than 3 years then we can also perform the Check disk

1.Open the command prompt with administrative privileges by typing cmd in the search box in the Start Menu and right-click cmd.exe in the search results and then select Run as Administrator.
2.Type chkdsk followed by one or a combination of switches listed below in the command prompt.
3.example of an exhaustive disk check using the command line interface is:
4.chkdsk D: /F /R
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