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McShield.exe CPU usage 100%

I have the following McAfee products installed:

SecurityCenter Version: 9.3
Last Update: 4/16/2009

Virus Scan Version: 13.3
Personal Firewall Version: 10.3
SiteAdvisor version: 2.9

I have had McAfee products installed for several years. Recently (I don't know the exact date, but it may have started with the 4/16 update), my computer began becoming unresponsive for about 10 seconds every 10 minutes or so. I checked the Task Manager, and at these times, McShield.exe is taking up 100% of my CPU usage. I searched through some older posts and it seems the main recommendation was to re-install. There were links posted with re-installation instructions and to a list of registry edits needed to completely remove the product, but those links are no longer valid. I would hope to find a solution that doesn't require a re-installation because I'm stuck on a dial-up connection and the initial post-install updates take forever, but if that is the best solution, does anyone have the instructions for those necessary registry edits?
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RE: McShield.exe CPU usage 100%

Since you have mentioned as you are using McAfee for a long time, please let us know how old is your computer?

Moreover, run a check disk and make sure there are no bad sectors in your computer’s hard drive.

We don’t have any specific registry entries that has to be removed from the registry since we have a removal tool for removing the McAfee programs completely

Please follow this KB Doc ID: 100286 to download and run the McAfee removal tool (
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mcshield high cpu solved

i had the same problem mcshield was taking all the cpu so slowing down computer.

i unistalled mcafee 8.7i patch one, unistalled mcafee agent. then i scanned my computer with another antivirus, it found lots of viruses that were acting. after full clean of my computer, i removed the other antivirus that i scanned my computer and installed again vse8.7i, and now it is working as charm.

hope it helps

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RE: mcshield high cpu solved

Thank you so much for the update.
Closing the thread since their no response from the User.
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