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McAgent.exe - Are you experiencing high CPU spikes?

I have McAfee Total Protection 2010 (Security Centre v10.5.216 with VirusScan v14.5.130 and Personal Firewall v11.5.140).

I run XP Pro SP2 with Firefox 3.6.12 and Outlook 2003 (and office 2003).

I have noticed in recent weeks that the process McAgent.exe has high CPU spikes - goes from 0% to 50% to 10% back to 50% and so on, and in particular after I have not rebooted for a day or so. Rebooting temporarily solves the problem.

I tend to like to not reboot for at least 2-3 weeks, and have no reason to do so; I work from home, and run various processes overnight, and have never had any problems in many years until this.

Is there a memory leak or other known problem? It seems to have happened after a recent McAfee update.

Also, I have seen strange behaviour with McSvHost.exe which seems to scan different ports on my PC continously, which I thought was a virus but told by the McAfee helpline (which is very poor) that it is in fact McAfee checking all my ports are ok? I am still not certain about this.

Could McAfee please explain both of these please

Also, when will v11 of Sec Centre be available? I have a 365 subscription?

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Re: McAgent.exe - Are you experiencing high CPU spikes?

Hello Ian, I would request you to reply back to my email in order to proceed further on this issue. Thanks

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Re: McAgent.exe - Are you experiencing high CPU spikes?


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