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McAfee won't let me unplug devices

Well, I'm back again.  I've been delaying posting this because I'm sick of issues with the new McAfee--especially since all my time spent with Tech Support hasn't resolved any of my Home Network issues.  Let's hope someone has an answer to this one.

I've had WD Smartware for many months and it has worked beautifully--UNTIL I updated from the old McAfee Security Center to 2010!  Suddenly I was unable to unplug the device safely.  Everytime I tried, it said the device was still in use and for me to close any program that might be using it and try again.  Well, nothing worked and I was frustrated and stupidly unplugged it--BAD IDEA!  I lost all my data, all my backups, everything.  I went online to see about WD Smartware customer support and checked out their forums and discovered that Anti-virus & anti-Spyware programs might well be the culprit.  I decided to check it out, so I shut down McAfee and, voila, the device unplugged beautifully.  I have since discovered that I'm unable to unplug ANY of my USB flash drives, my Canon disc (can't think of the name for the digital picture disk), my iomega Ego, portable Western Digital hard drive, etc. (Yes, I have tons of external storage for all my embroidery downloads, pictures, etc.).

All of these items worked perfectly until Security Center 2010.  Obviously, one of the things I can do is open McAfee and shut down the programs one by one before I plug in my device, but that's a major hassle and frankly, I keep forgetting to do it  Besides, it's hardly an easy fix.

So, my Home Network still isn't working properly despite 2 long sessions with Tech Support taking over my PC (everything returns to like-new status and icons of my othe 2 PCs that used to be grayed out when offline are gone) and I can't unplug any devices unless I either remember to shut down McAfee's programs BEFORE I plug them in (it won't work if I close down the McAfee programs if the devices are already plugged in) or I have to completely shut down my PC.  I really don't want to lose any more data.

Anyone else with these issues??  Anybody have a clue what I can do (besides ditching McAfee)?

Thanks in advance,


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