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McAfee with Comcast version 9.15


I see McAfee support forums has been made over since I was here last. I had to change my password as it was only 5 characters.

I do like this new look.

My question has to do with malware;I have used Mcafee for years and always had an antispyware program too. I dropped the Spyware program a while ago.

McAfee friends have told me McAfee does a good job with spyware as well as virus protection.

Is McAfee, alone, adequate protection when it comes to spyware?

Thank you

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Re: McAfee with Comcast version 9.15

Hello nowellp,

Glad to see you back in the support forums, Yes , Mcafee protects against all online threats including spyware., it automatically detecs an removes infection.

Moreover, its not recommended to run multiple antivirus software on a machine as they would have conflicts.


Dinesh K

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