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McAfee will not open - computer unable to connect to network

Since yesterday, my desktop computer has been unable to connect to the internet.  I've tried restarting both the computer and the router, but nothing has changed. Since it's lasted so long and my phone has been able to work fine off the internet, I wanted to run a virus scan, but McAfee would not open, the screen would not appear. I've tried going into the program files and opening it from there, but all that would happen is the cursor would act like it was loading and then nothing would appear.  The task manager didn't show it as opened either. I've tried opening other programs and they do fine, but not McAfee. Help? Do I have a virus? What do I do from here?

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Re: McAfee will not open - computer unable to connect to network

What did you do between when it worked and now?    Can you try and boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly while booting up) and then initiate System Restore to before this happened.    If that is successful don't forget to update McAfee by right-clicking the taskbar icon  and selecting Check for Updates.