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McAfee total protection incompatible with Win7 !

Hi ! community friends, I have installed McAfee total protection 2012 in to my PC from CD purchased in Retail store..The OS in PC is Window 7pro. The Win7 one day displays "McAfee total protection V.11 is not compatible with Win7, only up to Xp and Vista. The Virtual technitian also coud not  find out why the anti virus was not working i my PC. Have any of you confronyed with siilar problem . please inform me.

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Re: McAfee total protection incompatible with Win7 !

It is compatible that is definite re why  is all of the program working ie showing as green? I am on win7 as is my wife and heaps of users. Been on win 7 for years with no issues re compatibility. How long was it working before this message came up? Can you provide a pic of the message?

Is win 7 updated with all service packs (1)

I would call support I feel a full clean up and reinstall of mcafee possiblly required.

Run stinger and getsusp( add your email address to the preferences) from here as a precaution

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

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Re: McAfee total protection incompatible with Win7 !

That shouldn't be happening but I have to ask if this is Win 7 SP1 and is everything up to date?   By everything I mean including IE9 & all its add-ons - even if you don't use it.

As Tony says a complete uninstall, cleanup, reboot and reinstall might help.  See THIS FAQ.  There may be remnants of an older version hanging around.

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Re: McAfee total protection incompatible with Win7 !

If I understand the problem you've described correctly, is that the the app *on the CD* is not compatible with IE9 (it is fully compatible with Windows 7).  This is because the McAfee product app was written and pressed to CD before the full version of IE9 (i.e non-beta) was released.

The solution is to allow the installation from web download.

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