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McAfee site Advisor greyed out

Hi guys, new client here..have a minor issue .after i installed the program everything was fine.The site advisor was green while monitoring each site! i ran my 1st FULL system scan however and when it got to ..C:\Windows\System32\autochk.exe it froze and scanned no furthur than that.I could not close the program or anything.So I waited ..for 2 hours..beacuse I do not like to unplug the PC ,but ended up having to do just that. So I found the Virtual technician on your website and ran it and it only found 1 problem in the registry which it resolved(fantastic tool) ! Now The McAfee Site advisor is still greyed out for every site and has a (?) in the left corner. I looked in the center and it seems like everything is working properly .My 2 issues are the greyed out site advisor and ,how do I repair the auochk.exe issue??? thanx in advance::
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RE: McAfee site Advisor greyed out


Can you please try to follow the below mentioned two FAQ's:

1. TS100131
2. TS100135

Please let us know if you were able to resolve your issue.

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