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McAfee realtime scanning

All is good and well.

then suddenly realtime scanning becomes a bit nasty and some of my programs are deemed hazardous to my life and property!

it says it deleted it and now you are safe.

the next moment all of those programs cease to exist.

WHY!!! >?

also after some research i came to know it was detected as false positives by 1 or 2 other antivirus programs too.

Why cant it ask/ prompt if i would like to ignore it?

Is there any way i could block a folder from scanning or  excuse a program from being scanned?

at same time do want to keep realtime scanning on so that i am protected.


issue no. 2

here the last 2 posts have been left unanswered till now.

can someone reply there too?

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Re: McAfee realtime scanning

I tried answering your other thread.  I guess Dinz had unsubscribed from that thread.

If the software is identifying software incorrectly as malware then you will need to follow the procedures I outlined here:

It isn't possible yet to tell the software to ignore something, except when doing a manual or scheduled scan.   It's been suggested by us Moderators for ages now.

If by any chance it is identifying it as an Artemis (unknown) then please post the detection number.

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