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McAfee keeps falsely detecting my files...

As a gamer, I download a lot of stuff (Mods, Trainers, Savegames, ETC.), but I have a particular problem that is frustrating me to no end. I recently downloaded a .zip file that I couldn't extract the contents of. After unblocking the .zip, it became apparent what was going on. Apparently McAfee detects the desired file itself as a Trojan, not the zip. When it gives me the option, I restore it, but as soon as I try to access it, it ends right back in quarantine. I tried not accessing it, and instead directly making it a "Trusted Program", but as soon as I reach it's location in the "Add Trusted..." menu, it once again detects it and sends it to quarantine. The file is NOT a Trojan. How can I make the file trusted so it won't end up back in Quarantine?
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RE: McAfee keeps falsely detecting my files...

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