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McAfee keeps deactivating my current version!

I recently re-formatted my computer, and installed McAfee Security Centre (This came bundled with my Dell). After some time, I went onto the McAfee website and looked around, logged in, and looked at 'My Products'. I only have 1 licence for this Dell desktop and I saw that I had 3 licenses in use, 2 (previous installations of McAfee) of these were outdated and not in use anymore. However, I quickly clicked 'Deactivate' next to the licenses that said 'Not Active', because I did not want to get into legal trouble. It said, 'Your Subscription will be deactivated in 7 days.' after. Then, after a week, the McAfee on my desktop that I use currently, suddenly deactivated! I am really scared because I am sure I clicked 'Deactivate' on the licenses that said 'Not Active'. Can someone please help?

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Re: McAfee keeps deactivating my current version!

Hi there,

Could follow the below instructions in this document and let us know if you still have the issues ;


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