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RE: McAfee fix it or I'm gone

I concur !

I really figure this is McAfees way of trying to get you to renew early!!!!

Either way, it has become a pain in the....

I am now looking into Norton again.

RE: McAfee fix it or I'm gone

I made the switch to Norton AV 2010 and couldn't be happier.

I made a last-ditch effort with McAfee by doing a complete uninstall (even using McAfee's software removal tool) and reinstall. I thought the problem was fixed, but those "verify your subscription" messages started popping up again last week.

I did another complete uninstall and downloaded Norton's AV 2010---simple download and simple set-up; so far, no glitches with my system. I bought a 2-year license that you can also use as three 1-year licenses, so I downloaded Norton's AV 2010 to my laptop.

I have no hope of getting a refund from McAfee, but at this point I really don't care. I'm confident that my computer is fully protected (at least as much as possible) and will remain protected even if I leave my computer unattended. I suggest making the switch to Norton, Symantec seems to have done a really good job of completely updating its old AV program (much less bloat, better UI, etc).

Bye bye, McAfee!
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RE: McAfee fix it or I'm gone

Technical Support Chat is free and available via the link at top left of this page, as is Customer Service Chat and phone support for subscription issues in the link next to it.

Newly purchased products have free 30-day phone support too.

If any of you are using registry cleaners stop, as we have found that they go hand in hand with these kind of problems.

Old thread so locking.
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