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McAfee firewall will not turn on / BFE won't start

I'm trying to set up a home group between a laptop running Windows 8.1 and desktop running Windows 7. The problem I have is that my McAfee service center is blocking sharing. When I go to turn off the McAfee firewall it says it's off, but then on the "home" page of the McAfee program it says the firewall is on. I go to Services and ensure BFE and Windows Firewall Service are started and both are NOT started yet both are set to Auto start. I get errors when trying to start either of these services. I have ran Malwarebytes and although it cleaned up a couple viruses (or something) , I restarted my PC and still have the same issue. I'm assuming there is a Trojan or something similar causing these issues but not sure how to fix it without doing a restore of the OS. I don't need the home group that badly so I'm not fooling with a system restore at this point. Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Re: McAfee firewall will not turn on / BFE won't start

Try some of the other scanners here

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

add your email address to the getsusp preferences in the getsusp program mentioned above.

Run MVT from

See if that helps . Next I would consider reinstalling Mcafee as per

reboot and run

and reinstall from your account

and then call support if still as issue

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Re: McAfee firewall will not turn on / BFE won't start

Hi bluelightnin,

Open Services.msc and check if you are able to start the McAfee Personal Firewall Service though it is directly dependent on BFE and Windows Firewall service. Kindly post back the error code that you receive while starting these services. (might be Error5 Access is Denied)

For Access Denied error you might need to disable Access Protection and retry enabling the service

McAfee UI > Navigation > General Settings and Alerts > Access Protection > Uncheck > Apply.

MAke sure you re-enable it after trying these steps.

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