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McAfee deadly slow on my XP-SP3 machine

AntiVirus 2009 used to take 7 hours to scan my hard drive.  Internet Security 2010 is only 1/3 done in seven hours and no amount of clicking right or left on the taskbar icon brings up the McAfee control program.  For the third week in a row, I have had to pull the plug on my machine to regain control.  This is like contracting cancer to cure a virus.

What are the common causes of this kind of failure?

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Re: McAfee deadly slow on my XP-SP3 machine

Things that can slow VirusScan down are as follows...

Is the hard drive compressed?  Try uncompressing it.  That will improve performance all around.

Do you have a great deal of zipped files?   McAfee has to unpack all of those first before scanning.

(There is a thought that perhaps those should be skipped in a future version but I doubt it will happen any time soon).

Check the hard drive for errors.

Go to Start/Run cmd.exe (XP), in Vista/Win 7 just enter cmd in the Search box and right-click cmd appearing above and 'Run as Administrator'

In the Command Prompt windows type in chkdsk c: /r with the spaces and alter c: to whatever letter that drive has if applicable.

Click Enter

You may get an error that the volume is in use try at next reboot?  Y/N?  Type Y and click Enter and reboot.

Let it do its thing - takes quite a long time depending on the size of the drive.

It's good to do that very occasionally anyway as it irons out a lot of kinks especially if the hard drive is getting on in years.

See if that improves matters.

If not I would open a case with Technical Support Chat linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

A you have any other security software active?

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