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McAfee and Juniper VPN issues

We recently changed from Nortel to Juniper VPN at work. I never had a problem with the Nortel system. I use remote desktop to connect my personal laptop to my work desktop machine. At work I have no problem doing this thru the wireless. When I go thru the VPN from home everything works fine except for a couple of issues.

The screen periodically about every 3 minutes shows the McAfee logo and then a note saying it is checking my McAfee configuration. This takes away the focus from whatever form I am in. If I am typing this can be very annoying because I loose characters. We have McAfee as an enterprise solution at work but the logo and note are the same as what displays when I click on McAfee in my laptop's taskbar. It appears to be a problem between my laptop's local McAfee and the Juniper VPN. I have SecurityCenter 9 running on my laptop. When I remote desktop thru the wireless at work, I don't have this problem.

I don't know if this is related but Juniper sometimes drops me due to inactivity even when I am actively typing into an app.

Thanks for the help.
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RE: McAfee and Juniper VPN issues

I work for OPSWAT, the company that supplies Juniper with a list of applications that their network products manage and support. (This framework is called OESIS and is also used by Cisco, F5 and others). As of right now, McAfee is not a member of our OESIS OK certification program and as such their products have limited support in the management consoles of Juniper's network solutions. This sometimes causes problems. There's more info (and a small, free security application analysis tool) at our website There you can get a list of the most compatible security apps for whatever network product you are using.
Hope this is enlightening.
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