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McAfee Won't Update to Latest Version

I got a new PC from Dell recently, and it came preloaded with McAfee software. It was a 30-day trial. The college I attend allows you to download a 2 year subscription of McAfee for free, but I had to download the full version from the college website in order to get the subscription. So I uninstalled the McAfee products that were pre-installed by Dell, ran the clean-up program from McAfee's website, and downloaded and installed McAfee from my college's website. My McAfee account was credited with a 2 year subscription to VirusScan Plus, and I thought it was good to go. Turns out the version I installed from the college website was what appears to be the 2009 version of McAfee, because it is different in appearance than what Dell had pre-installed. I then uninstalled this version, ran the clean-up program, and downloaded straight from the My Account page on McAfee's website.... Same problem tho. I try updating the software but it says it's up to date.

Here's my version numbers:

SecurityCenter: 9.15

VirusScan: 13.15

Personal Firewall: 10.15

SiteAdvisor: 3.0

Again, I've tried updating multiple times.

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Re: McAfee Won't Update to Latest Version


    Let me tel explain to you,customers who are purchasing mcafee directly from the website or through Dell will get the McAfee 2010 version.Other source will get the 2009 version.And do you have any idea how your college subscribed to McAfee ??

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