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McAfee Virus Scan Installing (Little Red Arrow Icon)

I currently have McAfee Security Suite through ATT/Yahoo. Almost daily as soon as I get on my computer an icon appears on bottom bar. It's a little gray box with a red arrow going round and round. When I click on says McAfee Virus Scan Installing. It usually stays on for a period of time...sometimes up to a half hour or so. It eventually goes away. While it stays on my computer is very slow. I'm not sure what this for...what is it installing? Updates? Don't know why it has to come on so much. Would be nice if it did its thing when I wasn't on computer. Can someone please clarify??
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RE: McAfee Virus Scan Installing (Little Red Arrow Icon)

VirusScan updates at least once per day and the other components periodically so that arrow signifies an update is in progress.

You can't control when it does it time-wise, but you can have McAfee notify you first before it happens.

Double-click the taskbar "M" icon to open Security Center
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (left)
With Security Center highlighted at top left click Advanced in the right-hand panel
Click Update Options (left)

Change the settings accordingly. Don't turn them off, however, if you don't want pop-up warnings to bug you constantly.

I've attached a thumbnail view of my settings. Click to enlarge.
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