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McAfee Virtual Technician scan doesn't show all my products

When when I install can scan with Mcafee virtual technicians this scan log only the shows anti spyware and site adviser in the log details. I am running windows vista running mcafee securities center and have a three year subscription from Dell. I have uninstalles and reinstalled serveral times. And when using mcafees site "am I protected" scan it returns with the message that it cant find any anti virus or firewall program. In the Security home page it shows my DAT is up to date and that I'm protected. Online chat tells me theres no problem though I have to wonder why so many inconsistances between mbafees site and load products problems. MVT use to work till I was advised to reinstall security center now it only recongnizes 2 applications. Any suggestions ??
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RE: McAfee Virtual Technician scan doesn't show all my products

I have seen some strange messages from MVT. I suggest 1st run MVT select remove. Reboot after and then download a new version and recheck. If same issue post back and I will stir the pot for you.
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