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McAfee Vault hangs on opening in Windows Explorer

Have McAfee Vault installed on a computer running Vista Home Premium and a computer running Win 10. Both computers are running McAfee Total Protection.

When I select McAfee Vault in Windows Explorer, and click on my Vault's unlock button and enter my password, Windows Explorer hangs.  I can't close it, the app is Not Responding.

I try to open Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), which takes awhile, and then try to close the file.  It take minutes of continuously trying to close the application in Task Manager before it finally does close, and I get control of my computers back.

When I run Windows Explorer again, the Vault (Z-drive) has been opened, and I can access my secure files.  Closing the Vault presents no problem.

Anyone know why the Vault would stop responding and hang on opening in Windows Explorer?

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