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McAfee Total Protection 2010 Doesn’t Allow Browsers to Load - help!

I have installed McAfee 2010 both from the web and from the disk. In both cases I am now unable to access web browsers (Firefox, IE 8 and IE7) after completing the installation.  When I checked I found that Site Advisor had failed to load in both instances.  After reading a previous post, I also attempted to load Site Advisor version 2.9 by clicking on the link provided in the ‘lrpits64’ post but Site Advisor would not load after trying it twice.  Virtual Technician also hung while loading.

Running Windows XP pro

Dell Latitude D 400

IE 7

McAfee Total Protection 2010


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Re: McAfee Total Protection 2010 Doesn’t Allow Browsers to Load - help!


This seems ununsual as it happens soon after upgrading to total protection and there are two scenarios this could happen;

  • Your browser Internet cache becomes clogged with images and text. Cleaning the cache is a safe way to improve the speed and functionality of your browser.
  • Your Internet browser is incorrectly configured.
  • Please try the following and check the speed of your browser,

    1.Delete you browsing history and cookies from internet options

    2.Click Start, then Run, and type: inetcpl.cpl
    Double-click Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab.

    If the slider isn't set to Medium, click Default.
    Click Edit.
    The Per Site Privacy Actions window appears. Under Managed Web sites, look for a McAfee domain (e.g. or
    If a mcafee domain appears, right-click on it and click Allow.
    Repeat steps 9 and 10 for all mcafee domains.
    Click OK. (If available, click Apply and then OK)

    Dinesh K

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    Re: McAfee Total Protection 2010 Doesn’t Allow Browsers to Load - help!

    For the past month or so,  I have been using Verizon Internet Security Suite "powered by McAfee."   I had a terrible time activating the account on our 3rd computer.  Activation was finally accomplished with simultaneous real-time online assistance from McAfee and Verizon.  The McAfee tech said that Internet Explorer worked better to download the McAfee software.  So after successful activation, I changed my default browser from Firefox to IE.   For the past week or more, I have struggled with resource use spiking and holding at 70-100%, often with 2 or 3 iterations of IE running  simultaneously, even when only one window (with one tab) is open.  Even when using only 2-5% of resources, my PC ran much, much slower with IE and McAfee (as opposed to IE and previous security provider) until I gave in last night and switched back to my preferred browser, Firefox.  Maybe my recent installation of "Windows Live" was the problem??  In any case, I am happy with Firefox, and McAfee seems to be working fine with it.  Still, I wonder why McAfee didn't work so well for me when I was using Internet Explorer.  (P.S.  I keep all programs and software updated and clean the browser cache daily.)

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