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McAfee SecurityCenter is running very slowly

I got McAfee with my Dell, and it's been running great. After some updates a little while ago, though, my SecurityCenter takes forever to load when I click on it, and everything in the pop-up screen has to load forever as well (ie, when I click on 'Scan', I have to wait about 15 seconds for the options to show). I've also noticed that any scans I run take about twice as long to complete as before.

I've tried re-installing McAfee: It ran fine at first, then upgraded and got slow again. I've scanned for viruses with a separate program as well, but nothing came up. Is there just something wrong with the recent upgrades? I've not found any other topics about this, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium on a Dell laptop, I have 4GB of RAM, and as far as I can tell the problem is restricted exclusively to McAfee. Any ideas?
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RE: McAfee SecurityCenter is running very slowly


Sorry for the inconvenience, but do you still having the issue with scanning the computer if yes, please clarify
Post the DAT version and Engine version of McAfee Virus scan (Open Security center-click on about in the Right hand bottom panel-check the Build version and DAT version for McAfee Virus scan)?
Did you receive any kind of alert/advertisements or pop-ups in the computer?
Ping the and post the IP address you get (Start-Run-type CMD- ping
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