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McAfee SecurityCenter Crashes while doin Full or Quick Scan help please

hello ! i have laptop dell inspiron 15 that i buy 2month ago it comes with Windows Vista 64bit and along with it comes with 1 year suspcription of McAffe Security Center 13.3.127(expires 5/7/2011) my last update was on 7/9/2009 ....well i scan my pc everyday so well my problem is that since yesterday when i manually press full scan,the program stops and crashes (when it reaches atleast on quick scan 77%) while scanning a file named '' iedkcs32.dll '' . found it in C:/Windows/syswow64/iedkcs32.dll when it scan that file show this message An Error has Occurred = the problem detail = Error getting scan progress ,then on Windows pop=up a message window saying On-Access Scanner service has stopped (EVEN WHEN IM NOT MANUALLY SCANING) when that appear my mcaffer protection turn off and i had to manully turn it on but then after a few minutes again and again is there a solution for this i already used the McAffe Virtual Technician and it says that VirusScan-McAfee SecurityCenter 13.3.127 ---ProblemSmiley Frustratedervice(s) not running(1) basically im free to get infected by virus since yesterday (Friday , july 31th,09) help please :confused:
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having the same issue

hey, im having the exact same issue. earlier today i had mcafee 2007 i had the exact same problem as you, so i went to office depot and bought mcafee security center 2009 popped it in went in fine, when i went to scan it did the same exact thing so now, i went and talked to customer support thru chat and i was informed that theres a problem with the mcafee server or something and that in the next 24hrs a update will be out that should fix it. so then i updated about an hour ago and guess what happend... the same exact error.. if you hear anything on it gime a msg much appreciated and gl
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RE: having the same issue

hi All,

please refer to this post... might put you in the right track...

hope this helps...
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