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McAfee Security Center won't uninstall

I am currently running Security Center 9.3 on Windows XP; I've tried to uninstall Security Center, but when the uninstallation window comes up, I can't select the Security Center box to uninstall it.
What do I do?
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RE: McAfee Security Center won't uninstall

(after I wrote the following, I wondered if you had uninstalled all other McAfee software - the SecurityCenter does not uninstall unless Virusscan etc. have been removed first)

That doesn't look good.

Three possibilities I can think of:

1: Your computer is infected

2: Your McAfee installation and/or Windows OS are corrupted.

3: both 1 and 2 apply

Just in case you're infected it's probably best to scan for that first. I presume you have uninstalled Virusscan ? Maybe you can do an online antivirus scan with Kaspersky.

For other types of malware it's generally recommended to scan with free MBAM and SAS.

If this doesn't detect any infections or solve your problem, you can just go straight to the MCPR tool to uninstall your McAfee stuff. There are instructions on this forum about how to use that. Of course, it seems that in your case the step the regular control panel/software uninstallation will have to be skipped, since you already stated that it doesn't work.

In case your Windows OS is corrupted there is not much advice I can give you. Backup data, reformat and reinstall OS, drivers etc is one way, but make sure you know what you are doing before embarking on that. One could also try to repair a corrupted OS, but I can't give you any advice about that.

Of course, you can always try a chat with technical support.
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