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McAfee Security Center will not open

Periodically McAfee Security Center will not open via a
right click.  A double left-click on the
security center symbol in the system tray produces a balloon which says updates
are being installed, and when this balloon is present, scheduled scans will not run.

When the balloon is present, there
is no update or install activity occurring.
It takes three restarts to get the McAfee symbol to react and get the
security center to open and then the scheduled scan will finally run.  

I am running Windows 7 on an HP4540s laptop and McAfee
Security Center.  I have McAfee updates set to “notify when updates
are available”, so that I am aware when updates are downloaded and
installing.  I also have a scan scheduled every Monday morning.  

This is a continuing problem that occurs at least once a week and has been this way for
several months. 

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Level 7

Re: McAfee Security Center will not open

Just a quick question, what version of McAfee are you using?

Have you tried accessing McAfee Security Center through the program files? Start>all program>McAfee>Security center

There could be a number of reasons why the McAfee Security Center does not open:

1. Conflicting program

2. You are infected

3. Bad installation of McAfee

Level 20

Re: McAfee Security Center will not open

Try starting a Scan in Safe Mode/or Safe Mode with networking. Let it complete and restart.

McAfee Volunteer
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