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McAfee Security Center Diablo 3 and Network Issues

McAfee, There are so many things wrong with this software of yours and this is something I will not buy again if it does not comes package with my new PC. With all due respect, please do not send me upgrade or renewal offers after all the frustrating moment you gave me. As a security software, you are suppose to be smart about it. As in, if I had manually set the program for FULL ACCESS please do not ever reset the program to outgoing and causing my program to crash in the middle.

For the life of me, can you please oh please do not reset my firewall settings after every program update. This is not including the time wasted searching for answers over the net why Diablo 3 does not work/stops working/can't load when I click on the program launcher. There were no answers on the web until I found it myself.

Also, I am not going to mention how you totally disable my network adapter once making me unable to connect to the internet right after I did a software installation from Apple. I demand a quick fix or I will just uinstall this software with my remaining 10 months subs and get the Microsoft Security Essential. It is a retail pack and I do not want to beta test your bugged software.

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