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McAfee Registration Problem through Proxy Server ? :x

I bought a Dell Laptop ( windows 7  64 bit, Mcafee 15 months ), but I haven't been able to register my McAfee product . I think it is due to the user authentication required by my institute's proxy server . Is there any way to fix this problem and get it up and running, other than going to a location outside and registering . Then I'll have to go for updates also. I don't understand why Mcafee doesn't make a connection module where we can provide required connection settings ( like say, GTalk has ) and solve the problem . I hope a solution is present, otherwise Dell and McAfee are really pissing people off ... I need some replies a.s.a.p...

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Re: McAfee Registration Problem through Proxy Server ? :x

Hi maverickdebx,

Do you get any error while trying to register McAfee software on your computer & also could u please tell me how did you load McAfee software on to your computer ( CD or online download).


Rakesh P

McAfee Technical Support

Re: McAfee Registration Problem through Proxy Server ? :x

Firstly, I didn't load McAfee myself . It was preloaded with Dell Inspiron Laptop with 15 months license . I haven't been even given a CD or something . It came with the laptop. Secondly, everytime, i try to activate the software, it says , Activation Unsuccessful, check whether u r connected to the internet . I am connected to the internet through my institute's proxy server which requires authentication .

Thanks for your concern . Hope to get a reply soon .

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Re: McAfee Registration Problem through Proxy Server ? :x

Hello maverickdebx,

Some Proxy servers are configured to require authentication with a username and password before allowing any network traffic through. While this is a valid configuration, the authentication requirement causes McAfee product downloads and updates to fail.Also,When connecting to the Internet through a proxy, McAfee Updates displays No Update are available. After 8 days, the McAfee protection status icon will be displayed in the system tray.Opening  McAfee SecurityCenter which will report the problem: Update problem .

hence ,  if you are behing a proxy server , we recommend  Disabling  authentication on the proxy server to allow anonymous connections so that you do not have any trouble with the updates that happens to your security programs .


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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