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McAfee Crashing my Steam Games and blocking Yahoo Messenger

Everytime I play a game, McAfee closes the program. I set it to Full Access, but it still had the same problem. It's also the same problem with Yahoo Messenger. I allowed Full Access to Yahoo, it still blocked it. Is there any way to fix this blocking problem? I have tried the Virtual Technician, it said"No Problems Found". So I tried again to open the 2 programs, they were still blocked. Even if I tried turning off the McAfee FireWall, it's still blocked. I'm not sure what's blocking though but can someone tell me what is possibly be or tell what to do to fix it. If I uninstall McAfee, it'll unblock it but leaving my computer unprotected.

Message was edited by: ArkovGamer on 8/23/10 1:50:01 AM CDT
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