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McAfee Can't Count!

After spending most of this year messing about with the McSVHost problem, my Antivirus Plus now tells me that my protection expires in 10 days on 08 January 2011 (current computer date is correct for today - 29 November 2010).  See attached screen dump.

Would McAfee care to explain this one?

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Re: McAfee Can't Count!

I suggest you try running the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links under Techical Support. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and if it finds any it will attempt to fix them. It will generate a session id number which you should post here for future reference. It will also prompt you to contact Technical Support Chat who could verify your subscription details and correct this for you. You could also try to contact Customer Support and they should be able to correct this as well.

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