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McAfee Accounts vs. Windows Users

Count me among the people very NOT HAPPY about the fact that I am now forced to use Windows accounts to use Parental Controls. I'm going to have to find another parental control program, unfortunately.

I had to reinstall Windows, and was using McAfee accounts before, but now I can't since it's a clean install.

Several of my kids' programs WON'T WORK on a limited account, so I HAVE to make them administrators, which makes McAfee parental controls a useless program for me.

I really wish McAfee would give it's customers the choice which to use - some of us can make informed choices, believe it or not! Bad move.
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RE: McAfee Accounts vs. Windows Users

Unfortunately it wont be restored to that way of doing things. It was because of confusion between the different users that it was made that way some time ago.

How To Set Up Parental Controls

RE: McAfee Accounts vs. Windows Users

I understand WHY it was done, however, the fact remains that it makes the Parental Controls completely useless.

There are some programs that WILL NOT RUN on limited windows accounts. So I have no choice but to give my kids administrator accounts in order to be able to play their games.

There should be a back door way to be able to use McAfee accounts for people who prefer them.

I guess there's no way to download an older version of the software so I can set it up with McAfee accounts and then upgrade? Right now, I'm shopping around and will have to pay ANOTHER annual fee for a parental controls program that will work.
Reliable Contributor exbrit
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RE: McAfee Accounts vs. Windows Users

Sorry, but there is no way of getting an older version. Good luck. You may want to use the Technical Support Chat and see if they have ways of getting around the problems.
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