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McAfee 2010 problems

Hi All

A little over 3 weeks ago following a McAfee update I was asked to restart my PC. Subsequently the MCAfee product was updated to what I believe is the 2010 version. This is a new foramt for me and is symbolised by a rend shield with the letter M on it. I seem to have lost all the maintenace feature that I had with the older McAfee products and ahve looked everywhere on the navigation part of the system. I have made two seperate visits to the technichal support chat site. The virtaul technician part of this service seemed to indicate that it could not find any McAfee products on my system. In the chat I was reassured this was not the case, that they their technicians were aware of the problem and were trynint to resolve it, but with no timescale. This is frustrating to say the least over 3 weeks on and I am losing confidence about the levels of protection I may or may not have. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or have any idea how to resolve it. I have used McAfee for a few years, but I am now considering Norton or similar to regain confidence that I am fully protected. I am a second user on the product purchase and Irinically my main PC still runs the older version with no request to update. I feel that since this update my laptop is running slower and certainly the memory is being used up more. I run Windows Vista  HELP!!!

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Re: McAfee 2010 problems

When you double-click the taskbar icon to open the SecurityCenter  there is no "PC Optimization" drawer on the interface?

That  should contain Quicklean.  Shredder should appear within the Data  Protection and Backup drawer.

If it doesn't, right-click the taskbar icon and select  updates.

If that doesn't load the tools then you will  have to uninstall via Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (XP),  Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7) then run the MCPR  removal tool listed under Useful Links (above), reboot and reinstall  from your online account.

The reason why the Virtual  Technician sometimes wont detect any products is because you may receive  your software from a 3rd party, your ISP for instance and recent  changes to the 3rd party provider list have not yet been programmed into  Virtual Technician.

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