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Major Infection issue

I have McAfee internet security and do scans regularly and have all the security options ON and everything updated.

However, I recently had a horrific virus that almost wiped out my computer along with 20 infected files which did NOT show up on any scan nor were the pages blocked or tagged as dangerous.  Can someone please tell me what I can do to prevent this from happening again?  Sorry I do not have the name of the virus as it was extracted by Comcast support and the 20 infections are too numerous to list but again, this was not a little issue that slipped by, this was a major event that I want to prevent from happening again.


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Re: Major Infection issue

Pity those names would have given us an idea what happened or at least goven the techs an idea.

Did you get a fake AV program scaying you are infected with 1001 viruses that relly are not there? These fake Avs are not well detected by the normal AV programs they are actually programs abeit ones trying to scare you into buying them.

Some of these are installed via hacked sites my wife had 1 on a medical site. only way to stop it installing was ctl alt del the popup has some suggestions

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