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MacAfee Security Center

I just renewed my subscription to MacAfee and it is asking me to verify my subscription by right-clicking on the MacAfee icon and then select "verify subscription".  When I right-click on the icon, it isn't giving me the option to verify it.  I only see "MacAfee Security Center" and "unpin this program from taskbar."  How can I verify my subscription?  I'm not very computer saavy so please try not to be too technical with me.  Thank you!

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Re: MacAfee Security Center

Hi there,

Either you are right clicking on the McAfee Icon on Start Menu or the programs are no longer present on your computer

Please make a right click on the task bar icon – (right bottom corner)

Then select verify subscription

If you don’t find a McAfee icon on the right bottom corner,

Please click on start – Click on Control panel

Click on Add/remove programs (IF you are on Window Vista/ Win 7 – select programs & features)

Then Check if you have  program – McAfee security center

If not – Please follow the step by step instructions here  to reinstall the renewed subscription

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