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MS office won't open

Hi All, I have recently had mcAfee 12.8.934 installed on my laptop and since then I've been having problems with opening different application files. To start with I notices it with MS office 2013 - any selected file would flash for a split second and just close itself off.  then I noticed the same with Adobe Reader. Since it only started after the install I am assuming it might be related. reinstalled Adobe now and it seems to be opening for now. is there a setting that maybe needs changed in mcAfee that blocks some apps? how can that be checked in this version if so? Thanks.

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Re: MS office won't open

Hi guest_85,

You can verify if McAfee is causing this by performing the below steps

> Open McAfee User Interface and click on Real Time Scanning Tile

> Select RTS and click Turn OFF button > Choose to turn OFF for 15 Minutes and click OK

> Try opening Office files and documents you wish to check and post back the outcome

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