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Keep Getting the "You're not fully protected" message

So I keep getting that annoying little pop up that says "You are not fully protected" every 10-30 minutes. I've called into the customer support at McAfee and basically they've told me to either update my software or to reinstall the thing. So I've done both.. I've re-installed McAfee and I've updated it as much as it will let me.

Just to be safe, I've even downloaded Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware like Ex_Brit has suggested in some other posts with similar problems. Initially I caught some viruses, but they've all been quarantined and deleted.

And yet the problem still exists. What is going on?

I'm running Security Center 9.3 on Windows XP and this is what the Security Center looks like when I get those "you are not fully protected" pop ups:

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RE: Keep Getting the "You're not fully protected" message

You caught some viruses ? Maybe there is some malware still present and active on your system (SAS and MBAM don't detect everything, you could try an online scan by Kaspersky or another AV vendor, A-squared and others - sometimes it's best to scan in safe mode, but not always). It is also possible that the malware you had on your computer has damaged McAfee or the operating system. Such damage to the OS might possibly be fixed, but not usually or easily.

You have uninstalled the software. Did you use the MCPR tool (see instructions) ? If not, problems with a reinstallation may occur.

You can pester support with another chat.

If all else fails, you could reformat the harddrive, reinstall the OS plus drivers etc. Just be sure you know how to reinstall before you begin. Make sure that you don't reinstall infected data.
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