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Jit Debugger is not avaliable

error message fatal execution engine error 0x7927f26e Then after hiting the x, Mcafee data backup.exe Common Lanquage Runtime Debugging services appears Process id=0x160(432) Thread id=0x164(436) Jit debugger is not available. It always appears on startup, but the computer runs okay. I ran the vitual technican and it corrected one registry. Never had this problem before just installed mcafee a couple days ago. any help would be appreciate. Thanks I hope I did not give too much info in this emailSmiley Happy
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RE: Jit Debugger is not avaliable

That sounds like there is a problem with your Windows installation most notably your .net. Either you are behind with updates or your Windows is corrupted. If you are using registry cleaners, stop now as they are the prime cause of this sort of thing.

What is your operating system and service pack?

Make sure you are totally up to date with Microsoft Updates, both critical and non-critical and use the option to check for all components using Microsoft Updates.
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