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Issues with 2010 security centre

At the moment I am having terrible problems with this item as are many others. I am currently experiencing the following problems.

Having to force close my laptop to turn it off as programme is not responding

Network keeps re setting it self after me changing editing details.

Scanning taking over 2 hours and only read 300 items.

No toolbar for windows live.

MVT language not supported and missing file appears after running MVT

I am using

Toshiba Satellite Laptop

AMD Sempron SI 42

64 bit operating system

Windows 7 Home premium

Have downloaded all McAfee updates so I am up to date with them

Windows update are all current

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Re: Issues with 2010 security centre

The scan of McAfee 2010 on windows 7 its very slow. Windows 7 hava o lot of files and Scan dont work very well