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Is this normal?

I have virus scan interprise 8.5.0i and I have bought a upgrade version of INTERNET SECURITY 2009. My problem is that I was installing it and this appeared:

Ok this says that virus scan 8.5 is incompatible and if I want to continue my installation I have to Delete it
But I read that this was automatically done by the installation of 2009...

I am confused and I am afraid of unistall 8.5 because I bought the UPGRADE VERSION that is only valid if we have a previous version of 2009:confused:
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RE: Is this normal?

You cannot install a consumer (home) product over the top of an Enterprise (Corporate) product, they are just too different for anything to go smoothly.

There is no automatic removal for VSE 8.5i. (After using Add/Remove Programs of course).

Follow these instructions:

Upgrade version is to upgrade from a previous version of the same software, i.e. home versions.

You can get a refund if within 30 days. Contact Customer Service at top 2nd from left of this page.
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