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Is my McAfee Internet Security paid or free?

I bought a notebook from Dell and it came with McAfee Internet Security, how do i know if it's the full version? In Control Panel>Programs it shows its version as 12.8.992 and install date as November 03 , 2014, wich is strange, because I bought my notebook in April.

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Re: Is my McAfee Internet Security paid or free?


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It could be that it simply updated to a Later Version. Simply double click your McAfee Icon in the Lower Task Bar,and click on about, to see your versions/builds and when it actually was updated. As long as it is Green ,all is okay. It seems to be furnished by Dell itself.

I might add that ISP providers/Manufacturers lag behind in their Versions/Updates. For the Latest Version is 13.6, with the Version 14.0 approaching fast.



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Re: Is my McAfee Internet Security paid or free?

The software would be whatever version is available to everyone who bought the particular suite you have, but the license is another story.

Dell machines usually come with 12 months of free security coverage and after that you'd have to buy it annually.  You should check your sales receipt or your product page at Dell''s website.

Alternatively give Customer Service a call (or use the online chat) it's free of charge and linked below.  They will check the account.

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