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Is McAfee in danger of becoming the very Malware they're supposedly protecting users from?

I have a new ASUS Strix laptop.   LOVE it .  Fantastic graphics, I can run multiple processes at the same time with no hiccups, gaming is incredible.  This machine is terrific!

The ONLY complaint I have is ASUS' decision to partner with McAfee.  McAfee wants to sell you LifeSafe by displaying an annoying popup box over and over and over on the machine.  Can you close it?  Sure.  But there's zero way to KEEP it closed;  No link that you can click to decline the offer, etc... just a "Click here to Subscribe" link, and another text link for "I already have a subscription to McAfee!" and that's about it..   I did a little research and finally removed it myself from the "Programs and Features"  of the computer. So it's gone.  But that's not the point.

The point is this: McAfee should have included a way for users to say "Thank, but no thanks," and close the box - for GOOD, with a single mouse click.

There should have been a way for consumers to actually say, "No, thank you McAfee," and actually choose NOT to buy a subscription.  By offering no option to close the box and decline to purchase the product, McAfee forced the popup box to reappear on the end-user's machine -  effectively "hijacking" it.

In other words McAfee is in danger of becoming the very type of "fake security" malware that they are supposedly protecting users against.  That's an odd way to secure the public's trust in your product - and your company.